David A. Heintz

Marketing Maestro


I am an experienced marketing professional who also designs communications, writes copy, develops web sites, and basically performs all of the tasks of an advertising agency. I have first hand knowledge of all of the latest graphic design and web development software, and all of the tools needed to put them to work. And I have a lot of years of being out there, planning and implementing marketing programs at the highest level.

Rather than relying on a tag team, I offer the opportunity to work with a single person who can accomplish virtually every facet of your marketing needs.

About me

I have developed marketing plans and marketing communications, for companies large and small, for 40 years. I have worked with tough CEOs and with demanding customers — all over the world. I have hired ad agencies and I have fired them. Finally, I decided it was time to just do it all myself: I left my position as marketing director for Reynolds Metals following their purchase by Alcoa and set up my own shop — LIFT Marketing.


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Address  : 5312 Copperpenny Court
                 Chesterfield VA 23832, U.S.A.

Call me  : 1 804 564 8740

Email     :  daheintz@liftmarketing.com